10 Tips For Orthodontic Device (Care)

When your daughter begins to wear braces, she is probably excited about straightening her teeth so that she will have a beautiful smile. However, it is important for an orthodontic patient to maintain her wires and brackets in the correct way to avoid problems in the future. An orthodontist will provide a written list of directions for caring for orthodontic devices, and a patient is often also able to watch an informative video to understand how to avoid dislodging a bracket or breaking a wire. Here is a list of ways for patients to care for their orthodontic devices.

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Tips for Orthodontic Device Care…

Tip 1: Don’t Put Strange Objects In Your Mouth

Parents can encourage their daughter to avoid putting odd objects in her mouth. If your daughter likes to chew on pencils, fingernails or toothpicks, then she needs to stop. Not only can these objects damage an orthodontic device’s brackets and wires, but also, it is possible to chip or break a tooth. In addition, items such as toothpicks, fingernails and pencils contain harmful chemicals and bacteria that aren’t healthy to ingest. Infection should be of paramount concern.


Tip 2: Brush Your Teeth Several Times a Day

It is important for an orthodontic patient to brush her teeth at least twice a day to remove food debris from her teeth and gums. A parent can help by buying the proper type of toothpaste that is recommended for orthodontic devices. You will probably need to buy mild toothpaste that doesn’t have artificial dyes that can stain an orthodontic device’s ceramic wires or brackets. It is still important for your daughter to use fluoridated toothpaste that helps to prevent cavities in the teeth.


Tip 3: Wear a Mouth Guard During Sports

You must have a customized mouth guard made for your daughter to protect her orthodontic devices along with her teeth and gums. Children grow rapidly, so you may need to order a new mouth guard several times a year. Make sure that your daughter wears her mouth guard while playing contact sports at school or during weekend sport activities. It is important for an athlete to keep her mouth guard sanitized properly to remove any debris that can grow bacteria.


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Tip 4: Learn To Cook Soft Foods

After beginning to wear orthodontic devices, your child will have a sensitive mouth. To prevent discomfort, you must make soft foods for your child. While preparing recipes, it is essential to cut the ingredients into tiny sections that are easy to chew and swallow. Some of the foods that your child can eat will include soup, salads and casseroles.


Tip 5: Avoid Eating Certain Foods

As a parent, you must make sure that your daughter avoids certain foods that can damage her orthodontic device, wires or brackets. Here is a list of foods that an orthodontic patient must avoid:

• Pretzels
• Corn chips
• Hard rolls
• Caramels
• Popcorn
• Nuts
• Taco shells
• Fibrous vegetables
• Potato chips
• Tough meat

It is important to avoid eating any fibrous or hard foods that can break the delicate wires or dislodge the tiny brackets of orthodontic devices.




Tip 6: Have Dental Wax For Your Mouth

When someone begins wearing orthodontic devices, her lips, gums and teeth will feel sore and swollen, but she can use dental wax to lubricate her mouth. Dental wax is in a small plastic container, and it is easy to place this substance over the brackets and wires of the orthodontic devices to prevent blisters on the lips or mouth sores in the oral cavity.


Tip 7: Understand How To Change Rubber Bands

If your daughter has rubber bands on her braces, then it is vital to understand how to remove the items before she brushes her teeth. The rubber bands are fastened to tiny hooks on the orthodontic devices. These items may also break throughout the day while your daughter talks, drink beverages or consumes food.


Tip 8: Provide Dental Floss For Your Daughter

It is important for your daughter to use dental floss at least once a day to remove additional food debris that sticks to her orthodontic device’s brackets or wires. There are numerous types of dental floss, including fun flavors such as peppermint or grape. Your daughter’s orthodontist can tell you what types of dental floss are best for her wires and brackets.


Tip 9: Know What To Do About a Broken Wire

Occasionally, a wire on a patient’s orthodontic devices will break, and this can lead to discomfort. If you have dental wax, then you can use some of this substance to hold a broken wire in place until you bring your daughter to the orthodontic office for a repair. If a bracket or wire totally dislodges from your daughter’s mouth, then save the device so that it is possible to have it reattached at your daughter’s next orthodontic visit.


Tip 10: Buy an Oral Irrigator For Your Daughter

When your daughter is having problems removing food debris with flossing and brushing, you should buy an oral irrigator. This small appliance emits highly pressurized water from a wand to blast away bits of food that can cause halitosis, cavities or gingivitis. While your daughter may not need to use an oral irrigator each day. Using it at least once a week, it can help to maintain your daughter’s orthodontic device and oral health.

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10 Tips For Orthodontic Device (Care)

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