9 Signs of a Top-Quality Dentist (FACTS FOR MOMS HERE)

Signs of a top-quality dentist. When you first look for a family dental care provider for your children’s and teenager’s oral health, there are probably many to choose from in your area. Getting recommendations from family, friends, and reading to find good dentist reviews can help may the initial choice. But you need a more concrete way of determining if you found a top-quality dentist or not. In this post, we’ll take you through the 9 Signs of a Top-Quality Dentist. Let’s get cracking.


Top-Quality Dentist

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Ode to a Top-Quality Dentist

These nine signs that you found a top-quality dentist office for your kids and teens will help you determine if you should make a second appointment or not. Remember that the opposite of the items on this list are frequently signs you have a bad dentist and should be avoided or even reported when necessary.


1 — General Appearance and Feel of the Office

When you first walk into the office, you should see clean floors, surfaces, and furniture, and an overall feeling of freshness. How the staff keeps the area clean and neat reflects on the care they put into every interaction with patients.

Their behavior, their smiles, and overall friendliness also add to a positive atmosphere. Many children are scared of going to teeth appointments. The people who work there should do what it takes to foster a more comfortable feeling.


2 — Respectful of Patient Time

If your appointment is at 9:00 AM, you hope to be seen by the doctor or at least the technician or hygienist close to that time. When you need to wait 30 minutes or more, it becomes obvious that your time is not respected. Also, if you show up a few minutes late, there should not be an automatic penalty.

Of course, excessive lateness or late rescheduling puts an undue burden on the office itself. You and the office staff must work together to create an appropriate outcome for unexpected events.


3 — Takes Time to Get to Know You and Your Child

Hand-in-hand with honoring the time of the appointment itself, a willingness to spend time with you and your children before diving into the procedure or treatment. This makes for a more pleasant experience. One of the most common signs you have a bad dentist is a poor bedside manner.

Apart from enabling a treatment plan, the initial appointment should always include a ‘getting to know you’ meeting in a comfortable office or another relaxed location. This can help to put your children’s minds at ease about the whole thing. Also, one must offer a full range of oral health services suitable to your child.


4 — Focuses on Comfort and Even Fun

In a top-quality dentist office focused on kids and teenagers, the waiting room and examination rooms should reflect that. Pictures of big teeth on the wall or pamphlets for mouthguards and braces may inform you as a parent, but they can look scary to a young person.

Age-appropriate decorations show that the people there understand and care. Many offices opt to have a play section in the waiting room where smaller kids can take their minds off the less-than-pleasant procedures they will soon have to undergo. Age-appropriate books and magazines help too.


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5 — Answers Any Questions in Age-Appropriate Ways

Besides making everything clear to the parent, a practitioner who welcomes questions on oral health issues and comments from the teen or child and takes the time to answer them in a simple manner earns high ranks in the lists of good dentists. This shows respect for the patient no matter what their age. Also, when a small boy or girl understands every step of a dental examination or procedure, they will experience less fear.


6 — Use Updated Machines, Methods, and Technology

All the fun cartoon posters and friendly greetings in the world would not make up for outdated, worn down, or old-fashioned dental office and tools, machines, equipment, or methods. This can sometimes be a problem with older doctors of dentistry who have been in practice for many years. If your teen has crooked teeth, for example, braces may not be the only option anymore. Educate yourself and make sure the office you choose matches what you learn.


7 — Showcase Results and Testimonials From Former Patients

A quality dentistry or orthodontics office should not be reticent to offer testimonials and photographs or results from former patients who allow such pictures to be taken. Before and after shots may be kept in a binder you can view as you wait or during the initial consultation. Make sure they can deliver the types of change they advertise before allowing your sons or daughters to undergo the procedure.


8 — Offers the Services You Need With Convenience

When you are busy looking up find good dentist reviews on the internet, take the time to research various services that each one performs. You may not know exactly what your children need other than regular checkups for cavities and gum problems.

But it helps to give you an idea about which number to call. For example, if your teen has an overbite they want to be corrected, you need to find an orthodontist that offers realignments. X-rays are another thing to look for in terms of quality.


9 — Fosters Long-Term Relationships Without Heavy Marketing

It takes many years from the time your children get their first teeth to when they start making decisions about who to go for tooth care on their own. You want to find a dentist that understands the best types of connections between practitioners and families. This makes it easy to continue using them in the long term. This type of lifelong professional relationship is rarely about aggressive marketing.



Contact a Top-Quality Dentist

When these nine signs get checked off in your search for the right one for your family. You can proceed with the confidence and knowledge that your daughters and sons will get the best care possible. A focus on comfort, respect, knowledge, and top-quality dentist and oral health results win out over all other criteria when it comes to your family’s dental health.



Are you ready to experience the top-quality dentist office difference? Contact Dr. Engel at Kinder Smiles today with any questions or to make an appointment for your child or teen. Our new dentist and orthodontic specialists are eager to make your appointments great and we can arrange a treatment plan to suit you.


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9 Signs of a Top-Quality Dentist (FACTS FOR MOMS HERE)

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