How Do I Care for My Braces [During Pregnancy]

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is wonderful news, and this time in your life is one of the most exciting. Now that you’re pregnant, you might have many questions regarding the different aspects of your pregnancy, and they might not all be questions you want to direct toward your obstetrician. If you have braces or you’re in the process of getting braces during this time, you want to ask your orthodontist a few questions. Is it safe to have or get braces now that you’re expecting? Should you know anything about caring for your braces while you’re pregnant? Your orthodontist has the answers for you if you only ask.

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Tell Your Dental Health Professional You’re Expecting

The most important thing you can do now that you’re expecting is making sure your dental professional knows there’s a baby on board. This includes your dentist and your orthodontist. This won’t affect your braces too much, but it does affect the way your dental professional makes decisions regarding your dental health as well as certain medications, anesthesia, and even X-rays you might need. Be sure to tell your dental health professional you have a baby on the way, and they will be sure you are taken care of.

Pay Close Attention to Oral Health Care

Poor oral health care and expecting do not mix. Your baby’s overall health is affected by your oral health care. If you develop gum disease or another problem, your baby might be born prematurely, your baby might even be born with a very low birth weight. Oral health plays a role throughout this time, which is why it is more important than ever you keep dental appointments and brush and floss well during this time. If you’re worried about your oral health now that you’re expecting, ask your dental professional to guide you.

Know Your Hormones Affect Your Braces

While there is no reason you cannot get braces or have them while expecting, you must know your changing hormones can and will play a role in the life of your braces. Hormones are crazy during this time in your life, and they can cause some concerns. You might notice your teeth are more sensitive, and you might notice certain foods cause your mouth to hurt. Things change when hormones change, and your mouth is not immune to these changes.

Talk to your dentist if you think something seems off or if you’re worried about your braces during this time. Your dentist and your orthodontist are here for you, and they want you to feel comfortable going forward during this time and with your braces. If you feel uncomfortable or in pain because of your braces during this time, your dental professional can help.

Keep Brushing and Flossing

If you were doing it before you became pregnant, you should still do it now that you are pregnant. You must keep your teeth clean, and this means you must still brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and avoid certain foods that don’t do well with braces. You won’t change too much of your life in terms of caring for your braces while pregnant, but you might notice the list of things you can consume becomes even smaller.

Getting braces means you must stop eating certain foods that can damage your teeth or braces while they’re in, and becoming pregnant means you must stop eating certain foods that aren’t good for your baby. Now that you’re both a braces-wearer and an expectant mother, that list of things to eat gets smaller.


Get A Professional Cleaning

There is no danger associated with a cleaning and seeing your dentist while pregnant. If you didn’t get your teeth cleaned before you became pregnant, call and make an appointment now that you are. Your dentist wants to get in there and clean your teeth to prevent a buildup of plaque as soon as possible to prevent future health problems in your mouth. Your dentist also wants to clean your braces and check to be sure there’s nothing wrong.

Dental visits, while you are pregnant, are not dangerous. If your dental professional needs to take any X-rays, even that is safe while you’re expecting. The dental office uses special shields to protect your baby during X-rays. You must know what’s going on in your mouth during this time more than ever.

Call When You Notice Problems

Your changing hormones and body affect your oral health significantly when you are pregnant. You must be on high alert for not just problems with your health and your baby but also your oral health. Your chance of developing oral health issues increases during this time, and it’s imperative you call your dentist or orthodontist immediately if you notice any issues in your mouth. Even if the issues seem minor, call to be sure they are not major.

Your cravings, while you’re expecting, can indicate you’re not getting enough of a certain nutrient. Pain in your mouth indicates your pregnancy might affect your tooth movement and your braces might hurt. You want to call when you notice problems like these.  And you want to let your dental professional know right away so the proper steps are taken. Pain might mean you need your braces adjusted to work with your changing teeth during pregnancy. There’s no reason for you to live in pain during this lovely time in your life if movement occurs.

Want to Know the Best Part

If you’re expecting a baby, give us a call today. We want to congratulate you on your new journey in life, but we also want to know you’re expecting so we can provide you with the best possible dental care, offer you advice, and we want to help you make sure your baby is healthy and happy. Let us help you with your braces and eventually help your baby too. We are here for you and your baby even before your baby is born. Because Dr. Engel and the team love beautiful smiles and healthy teeth.

Give us a call today at Kinder Smiles so we can schedule your next appointment. 


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How Do I Care for My Braces [During Pregnancy]

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