Children’s Tooth Decay & Diabetes ( 3 EASY FACTS )

It is estimated that 15% of Americans living with type 1 diabetes are children, according to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. More and more children also have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes though. In this post, we’ll take you through Children’s Tooth Decay & Diabetes. Let’s get looking.




Health Issues

If you suspect your child has either form of this disease (or any other serious illness), it’s imperative to schedule an appointment as soon as possible so they can be properly cared for by a primary care provider who specializes in these unique cases.


Children’s Dental Health & Diabetes

Gum Disease

Many parents might not notice the first signs of gum disease until it is too late. Children will often complain about bleeding or sore gums, which can be a sign that they are suffering from an infection caused by untreated plaque buildup in their mouth.


Take them seriously


Studies have shown diabetes to increase your risk for this type of damage because glucose floods the mouth with enough nutrients so bacteria found on and around teeth thrives. If you’re noticing these symptoms do take them seriously. Don’t wait any longer if there’s something wrong.


Tooth Decay

Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and gingivitis, but regular water consumption is necessary for cleaning plaque from teeth. If your child has diabetes, they’ll need more than just water to stay hydrated. Make sure that they have enough saliva by including a sippy cup in their backpack or providing them with snacks like applesauce throughout the day.



Untreated diabetes is one of the most painful things for a child to go through. Untreated symptoms can lead to tooth eruption at an early age, dry mouth which increases the risk of cavities, and oral wounds that take much longer than usual to heal. Gums that are swollen, red, or bleed easily are more examples.




Contact Dr. Engel at Kinder Smiles today with any questions on children’s dental health & diabetes. Or to make an appointment for your child or teen. Our dental and orthodontic specialists are eager to make your appointments great and we can arrange a treatment plan to suit you.

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