Emergency! (Are My Teeth Supposed to Move Like This?)

Emergency, are my teeth supposed to move like this? When your child feels self-conscious about their smile, you want to do everything possible to ensure that this does not become a lifetime reality for them. Orthodontics can do a world of good for your child’s smile. And is something that you’re going to find to be helpful in a variety of ways. This is why it is a good idea to make an appointment for your child to be seen by an orthodontic professional specializing in pediatric care so that you know they are getting a treatment plan designed specifically for them.



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What Orthodontics Can Do for Your Child or Teen

  • Orthodontics can easily and efficiently move your child’s teeth. So that they do not have anymore crowding and other oral-related problems. Visiting a children’s dentist specializing in pediatric orthodontics is a great way for you to get the work done.
  • They are able to work on kids and teens of all types and ages. You can contact the office and make an appointment for your child to be seen. This is one way for you to ensure that they feel good about the way that they look.


Do Teeth Move with Braces?

  • The whole point of getting braces on your child or teen’s teeth is to get the teeth to move. Without proper movement, your child’s smile will not improve and it will be useless to get the braces in general. Because of this, it is most definitely normal for teeth to have movement and to shift while braces and other orthodontic appliances are being worn.
  • This is definitely not an emergency. Your orthodontist will do the orthodontic work in slow increments so that the teeth do not move too quickly. This slow movement prevents the teeth from becoming loose.


Is it an Emergency?

  • It is not an emergency to notice your teeth are moving. If the teeth feel incredibly loose, this is obviously something that you’re going to want to discuss with your orthodontist and children’s dentist. However, you have to remember that in order for the teeth to move with braces and other appliances, the ligaments holding the teeth into the socket will rip and break off.
  • This might sound horrible, but these ligaments regrow and reattach in time, so they will reattach in their new positions. It is not uncommon to notice that the teeth are somewhat loose and moving, but having teeth that are majorly loose is a problem and needs to be discussed with an orthodontist.


What to Expect with Treatment

  • Treatment can take anywhere from one to several years to fully complete. Some kids and teens are even in braces for just a couple of months before they can be removed. This, however, is totally dependent on the severity of your child or teen’s overcrowding problems.
  • Your orthodontist will be the one to tell you what needs to be done and what to expect out of the treatment plan. So this is something you’re going to want to sit down and talk about before your child begins their treatment. There are tons of different orthodontic appliances that your child can wear, so this will be discussed during the consultation.

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Talking with a Professional

  • During the initial consultation, your child’s dentist and orthodontist will be there to tell you what is needed in order to get your child to have a better and straighter smile. They will take x-rays of the teeth as well as impressions to come up with the best treatment plan available for them.
  • During this time, you will also discuss payment options. You will want to present any insurance information that you might have at the moment. This ensures they are able to get the work done without it becoming a problem.


Treatment Term and Length

  • It can take a few years for treatment to be finished from start to straight teeth. Because of this, it is important to let your child or teen know that they are going to need to make every appointment. This is so that things go as smoothly as possible.
  • By missing appointments, this is only going to be a problem for your child or teen. And it will extend the time they have to stay in braces, which can be frustrating for everyone involved.


After Care and Maintaining Results

  • In order for your child to maintain the results from their braces, they are going to need to take good care of their teeth and wear a retainer. The retainer is often only worn a few nights a week after braces have been removed. It will do an amazing job of keeping the teeth as straight as possible to ensure that their smile looks great for life.
  • Your child’s orthodontist will be able to fit them for a retainer. This is not something that you are going to need to worry about yourself.


Teaching Your Child Proper Habits

  • It is just as important that you, as the parent, teach your kids and teens the proper way for them to keep their smile looking its best. This not only involves proper brushing and flossing techniques. But also teaching them that they are going to need to wear their retainer after having braces removed in order for them to maintain their gorgeous results.
  • You might want to consider orthodontics when your child is old enough to care properly for their teeth and follow instructions.



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Emergency! Are My Teeth Supposed to Move Like This?



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