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If you are the parent of a child, then bringing her or him to a dental facility at a young age is better than waiting until she is an adolescent. Experts recommend beginning dental checkups when a child has her first tooth. During this first examination, you can walk around the dental facility to permit your child to see the different areas, machines, and dental team. When your child sits in the dental chair in a pediatric facility, she will notice everything. All things, including the odd odors from the mouth rinses and cleaning supplies. In this post, we’ll show the full range of pediatric dental services and how to access our experts for your child’s oral health.



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Learn If Your Child Has Dental Abnormalities That Require Early Treatment

A knowledgeable pediatric dentist can look inside your child’s mouth. He or she can determine if there are any abnormalities that require early treatment to avoid needing extensive surgical procedures during adulthood. A young child’s facial bones are softer and easier to repair than a teenager’s are, and your daughter can grow up having the proper bite in order to chew healthy food.

Having an appropriate dental bite will ensure that a child is able to speak correctly because she can place her tongue against her teeth to make certain sounds. With an early examination, you can learn if your child needs to begin orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.


Our Dentist Is Affiliated With a Local Orthodontic Facility In New Jersey

At KinderSmiles in Oradell, N.J., your child can enjoy a professional full treatment from Dr. Darryl Engel. Dr. Engel specializes in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. He is also affiliated with The Schulhof Center that is operated by Dr. Adam Schulhof. When your daughter or son is examined by Dr. Engel, he makes sure to collect medical images of your child’s facial bones, mouth, and teeth to determine if early orthodontia is indicated.

If your child requires braces for her permanent teeth, then Dr. Engle can work with the orthodontist at The Schulhof Center. By working together, these two experts can make sure that your child has a unique smile that will last a lifetime.


Pediatric Dental Facilities Have Smaller Chairs and Equipment

When you are choosing a dental facility for a young child, select a pediatric dentist office that focuses on the needs of children and adolescents. If you take your child to a pediatric dental office, then the team of hygienists and assistants understand the needs of children and teenagers.


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Rather than needing to sit in a huge examination chair that is designed for adults, your child can sit on a chair that is appropriate for her size. In a pediatric dentist office, the team works at a slower but efficient pace to give a child more time to understand a procedure. When your daughter isn’t feeling rushed, she will relax to enjoy her surroundings.


KinderSmiles Has a Fun Waiting Room For Young Children

If you have been bringing your child to a pediatric dentist office since she grew her first baby teeth, then she is accustomed to the bright lights on the ceilings along with the large machines throughout the facility. A toddler will enjoy visiting KinderSmiles because there is a play area with coloring books, crayons, computers, and television. When your daughter must wait her turn for an examination, she can watch DVDs.




She can learn more about eating a nutritious diet or how to floss her teeth correctly. When you bring your daughter to the dental facility every six months for her check-up, she will get the full treatment. Treatment that includes collecting X-rays to look for cavities along with getting her teeth cleaned professionally.


What Makes a Good Pediatric Dentist?

It takes a certain amount of skills to pass dental school. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry certifies those deemed good enough to allow them to deal with children. Baby teeth are the main issues for a dentist for pediatrics. Dental care for children is what drives pediatric dentists. Knowing they can hand over to grownup teeth and adult dentistry makes pediatric dentists happy.

Tooth decay is paramount to deal with, all pediatric dentists know the lure of sweets and fizzy drinks for children. They know the sorts of things to deal with like tooth decay, oral hygiene, X-rays, baby teeth, and future orthodontics. Thes are what make a good pediatric dentist.


We Keep Dental Records Ready for Emergency Situations

When your daughter is accustomed to having an orthodontist or dentist examine her teeth when she has no dental problems, she won’t have a temper tantrum while having a cavity filled. In addition, the dental team will have quick access to your daughter’s records to see if there are any special requirements.

This is for when there is an emergency such as a dislocated tooth after falling from a bicycle. Instead of needing to take new X-rays when a child has an injury or contacting a physician to determine if your daughter has allergies to pain medications, the pediatric dentist team can get to work quickly to repair a dislodged tooth.



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Pediatric Dental Facilities Provide an Assortment of Treatments

At a pediatric dentist facility, it is possible for the hygienist to use small tools to clean your daughter’s teeth. At a pediatric dental office, your children can enjoy these types of procedures:

  • Professional cleanings to remove plaque buildup from teeth
  • Medical imaging such as X-rays
  • Filling decayed teeth with color-matching composite materials
  • Surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth removal
  • Monitoring the development of the facial bones and teeth
  • Teaching children how to brush and floss their baby teeth
  • Application of dental crowns for severely decayed teeth
  • Checking for gingivitis to prevent loss of teeth
  • Fluoride treatments and application of sealants
  • Oral hygiene training


We Make a Child’s Dental Visit Fun and Interesting

At KinderSmiles, we want children to enjoy their dental visits with Dr. Engel or our orthodontist Dr. Schulhof. We have created a child-friendly atmosphere at our dental facility with attractive paint colors and fun things to do. Our dental team wants to get to know your daughter’s interests. So that we can make visits to our facility pleasant for her and you. We make sure that children want to visit us by giving them a fun toothbrush and tasty dental floss.


Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Not only does our dental team help the children who visit our facility. But also, we believe in reaching out to the community by attending public events such as school festivals. In some cases, we are able to provide essential dental services for the children in need in our city and surrounding areas. We can deal with the oral health care of special needs children too. Appointments can be made easily for this type of patient, please call us in advance.




Contact us online or call us today at 201-262-0211 to schedule your child’s first dental appointment at KinderSmiles.

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Full Range of Pediatric Dental Services [Kinder Smiles NJ]

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