Help Your Child With the Dental Process (6 SUPER WAYS)

It is difficult for children to understand the importance of dental health. but, especially if they are timid. Sometimes your child, faced with a new and unfamiliar situation find themselves scared. In this post, we’ll show you 6 ways to help your child understand the dental process. Dental visits are not so bad after all. Let’s get into it.



People Also Ask

  • How do you explain a filling to a child?

Softly. Be sure to choose your words wisely. Let them know they will sit in a chair and a grown-up will look in their mouth and leave some shiny stuff for their health.

  • How do I teach my child dental health?

Let them know about sugary snacks and explain that some food, although tasty will damage the teeth and hurt. Also, songs and role-play help too.


Understanding the Dental Process

How can you help your children start off on a healthy track if they are too scared to go to the dentist? You might be preparing children for their first dental visit or preparing them to lose a tooth. It is important to be as positive as you can through the process.

And expect them to be a little nervous about the changes going on inside their mouth. If you can make this comfortable for your children, they are more likely to be able to keep up their dental hygiene. And have good dental health beginning early on in life.

Most dentists understand that a lot of children fear the visit. They know kids get overwhelmed during their first visit to the dentist. Don’t feel like you are a burden to the dental office if you have a bit of a struggle during your first few visits.

Here are 6 ways to help your child understand the dental process. Now your little ones can feel safe and comfortable while in the dentist’s chair.


1. Start with a Meet and Greet with the Dentist

To begin, you can help your children understand the dental process. Go for a pre-appointment meet and greet with the dentist. This can be a trial run for the real thing. Pediatric dentists will greet your family and give you a tour of the office. This will help your children feel comfortable. Your little ones will become more familiar with the setting.

During this meet and greet, let your dentist know if your children are nervous. This will help the dentist prepare for an anxious or fussy patient. It is important to remember that pediatric dentists work with children. A little anxiety won’t be anything new to them. Your dentist will try their best to give your family a happy experience.


2. Be Conscious of Your Word Choice

When preparing your children, make sure to steer clear from using words that may cause a reaction. For example, words like ‘hurt’, shot’, and ‘scary.’ Even if you are telling your children that they will NOT be experiencing these things. Instead, use positive language that encourages reassurance. The neutral language will soothe your children.


3. Prepare for Tooth Loss

Children usually lose their first tooth between the ages of 5 and 7. Children may hear stories about the Tooth Fairy from friends in school. You must still take the necessary steps to prepare your children to lose their first tooth. So they know what to expect.

Otherwise, it can cause anxiety for children to have a gap in their smile. Make sure that you are able to explain the process of losing a tooth in a positive light. Explain how the tooth will begin to wiggle when it is getting ready to fall out.


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4. Keep It Simple

Before going to see a dentist, explain to your children what will be happening. Assure them that you will be by their side the whole time. That they will sit in a comfortable chair and open up their mouth. A dentist will make sure their teeth are clean and healthy.

It is important to avoid over-explaining the process. Because it may overwhelm children when given too many details. You don’t have to talk about the exact tools. Or everything that will happen. Those details will make the appointment seem even more intimidating. Try to keep it as simple as possible so it doesn’t seem like a major ordeal.


5. Teach Your Children Dental Facts

Your children have to understand why it is so important that they have healthy teeth. Teach your children that visiting a dentist will allow them to continue to eat, drink, and smile. Once your children understand why they need healthy teeth, he or she will be more likely to want to visit a dentist.

Start to practice brushing teeth as a family as soon as your baby begins to develop teeth. When it comes time to go to the dentist, take some time at home to role play and pretend to be sitting in the dentist’s chair.

You can even read books to your children about going to the dentist. Children will understand how important it is to see a dentist on a regular basis. With this understanding, they will be more willing to get into the dentist’s chair.

Not to mention cooperate for their appointment. The idea here is to make them as familiar as possible with the process. Then they feel like they already know what is going on when they walk into the office.


6. Reward Children for Losing Teeth

Losing a tooth can be exciting for children. It is one of the big signs that they are growing up. Encourage your children to wiggle a loose tooth to give it a helping hand. It will fall out on its own. Also, promote a positive experience with rewards and praise.


Losing a tooth can be exciting for children.


Whether you use the Tooth Fairy as a reward or you choose to go a different route. Your children will become excited to lose their teeth. And they will not be as scared the next time that a tooth is loose. Instead, they will look forward to receiving more praise. And of course a reward for being so brave throughout the process.




If you have children needing a dental appointment, contact Dr. Engel. The doctor and his team at Kinder Smiles will help you through every step. The team will teach your child good dental care. You can rest assured your little one will be happy to see us and have great oral health.

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