My Child Has Bleeding Gums – 4 [Common] Causes

Bleeding gums can make a parent nervous to no end. A child with blood in his mouth after brushing will get mom’s attention. Mom’s instinct as a parent would be to call a pediatric dentist. There are several reasons for bleeding gums in kids. If you are a mom, the thought ‘my child has bleeding gums,’ will concern you. To help avoid the dentist, here are four common causes of gum irritation in children.

bleeding gums

1. New Flossing Routine

Kids who floss only a day or two a week may find their gums prone to irritation. Irritation shows when they get back on track with proper orthodontic care. Parents should always encourage their kids to floss daily. At least once per day, to avoid the discomfort of plaque buildup and subsequent bleeding.


2. Vigorous Brushing

Some children are ambitious about cleaning their teeth. They might find their gums cannot withstand excessive brushing. Brushing too hard or often can irritate gum tissue and lead to bleeding.



3. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that often affects adults but may and children as well. The illness is the result of individuals failing to clean their teeth to a proper degree. Or to do so on a consistent basis. Children who develop gingivitis often miss several brushing sessions. This leads to rapid plaque buildup. A child whose gums are both red and sensitive to touch may be in the beginning stages of the disease. Contact a pediatric dentist immediately if your child shows signs of gingivitis.


4. Leukemia

Leukemia is a group of cancers that cause white blood cells to develop abnormally. Consistent bleeding in the gums is a rare but possible sign of the disease developing in the body. You should never take bleeding gums in your kids lightly. Contact a pediatric dentist immediately at the sight of irritation.

For any or all of the above, contact KinderSmiles today for expert analysis. Here, Dr. Engel will take you through the steps and treatments available as to your needs.


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My Child Has Bleeding Gums – 4 [Common] Causes

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