Pediatric Anesthesia [Dr. Darryl Engel]

It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that your child goes through various life experiences smoothly while undergoing the least pain possible. Taking a child to see a pediatric dentist or an orthodontist is often a parent’s worst nightmare. Some parents occasionally wishing they could avoid them altogether due to the pain involved. As a result, pediatric anesthesia has become a popular artificial way of making children insensitive to pain during a visit to the dentist.





Pediatric Anesthesia Dentistry

With the pediatric anesthesia, a parent is sure that his or her kid is comfortable when receiving dental care services. The anesthesia works with:

  • Cavity filling
  • Correction of strong gag reflexes
  • Pulling out of teeth

With pediatric anesthesia, children can benefit from a specialized level of care from the different dental homes that provide the service. This method provides patients with multiple options after considering the individualized treatment method recommended by the dentist or orthodontist. A patient under anesthesia is able to undergo a procedure diagnosed by the specialist. Such as the removal of a tooth, without feeling any pain whatsoever. Parents who choose this dental treatment procedure for their children are sure that their children receive the best services without having to endure unnecessary pain.

Sedation dentistry, which involves general anesthesia, is administered to children upon recommendation by the parents and dental specialist. This makes the provision of dental services painless and less complex. This is so since the patients are usually asleep when receiving the dental care. It also eliminates any potential fears of future dental care treatments.


KinderSmiles, Dr. Darryl Engel and Sedation Dentistry

There exists multiple specialized dental and orthodontic institutions around that parents can choose from when considering a suitable dental home for their children. KinderSmiles is one of the popular dental care facilities that offer pediatric services especially when it comes to pulling out of teeth, filling of cavities, and other dental special needs. Since even minor experiences like routine filling can be horrifying for children, the institution enlists various sedation dentistry procedures that can be administered to provide a painless experience.

It is a certified premier institution for pediatric dentistry greatly strengthened by the well trained and equipped staff members. Dr. Darryl Engel is one of the archaic specialists, as recognized by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD), who is part of the team working with the institution. Dr. Engel has been commended on several occasions for his increased contribution in the field of dentistry. He considers the special needs of each pediatric patient before formulating the best-individualized care to him or her.


Here’s the Deal

Dr. Engel operates in the dentistry fields in New York and New Jersey following his acquisition of a license for pediatric dental services in both states. He not only works in KinderSmiles dentistry and orthodontic departments for children, but he also forms part of the Hackensack University Medical Center. This is also recognized as one of the few premier facilities in the region. The demand for sedation dentistry has attracted the attention of influential specialists. Most of whom have adopted it to ensure that children obtain high quality and painless dental care services. Dr. Engel uses this method to ensure that his patients have the best experiences with dental treatment.

It is worth noting that sedation dentistry is one of the health care services taken seriously by institutions. This is only considered as a last option during a dental visit. This means that general anesthesia like the sedation treatment is only incorporated in a dental procedure if need be. There are other sedation procedures available for patients individually based on their dental special needs. These are taken into account because multiple dental services like routine filling have no alternatives and the pain accompanying them can be harrowing sometimes.

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You Might Be Wondering

Before conducting any pediatric sedation dentistry procedure, a board certified anesthesiologist visits the institution for consultation during the exercise. This way, we are sure to follow all the standard regulations. Hence providing the highest quality and comprehensive dental care services. Pediatric sedation procedures have made it possible to conduct some of the most difficult dentistry procedures because the pain is eliminated. Within a few hours, children are able to have all their dental problems solved. Then experience the improved dental reality made possible by anesthesia.

The comfort provided by sedation dentistry for the patients, parents, and specialists has led Dr. Engel to prefer it during the complex dental care services provided by both the facilities he works for. This has become his style of treating children who come in for dental checkups in his offices. His knowledge on the concept allows him to choose the best-individualized sedation method for his pediatric patients. He does this by taking into consideration the special dental needs of each pediatric patient. Hence offering them the best dental care.

Children who have had bad dental care experiences in the past are sure to change their minds after a visit to Dr. Engel’s offices. As parents, being able to provide access to quality (painless, comprehensive, and thorough) dental care for your children is of great concern and Dr. Engel has all this addressed.



What’s the Bottom line?

Prior to any pediatric dental care service provision, it is essential to consult with the child’s parent for information concerning all past dental experiences. In addition to that, the medical history of the kid should be assessed to be aware of the kid’s allergies if there are any. This way, dental specialists are able to choose the best anesthesia for the children who visit a dental home. The dangers or side effects associated with each sedation treatment or drug should be keenly analyzed and explained to the parents before it is administered to the patient.

Only certified anesthesiologists are allowed by the law to administer sedation treatments like general pediatric anesthesia to pediatric dental patients. Dr. Engel is the dentist to call in case your young one requires dental care. Not only is he one of the certified specialists, but he also provides quality care to children. Contact the office for an appointment today to have any further questions answered.

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Pediatric Anesthesia [Dr. Darryl Engel]

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