Is Tooth-Whitening Recommended [For Children & Teens]?

Whether to improve self-esteem or just adjust their looks, children and teens may want to get a whiter smile. Though a tooth-whitening session may be what your child seeks, the procedure isn’t as simple for younger patients. Is it safe for them to go down this route?

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What To Do

Whether you’re interested in seeing a dentist or buying a do-it-yourself whitening kit, it’s best not to go through the procedure until they’re older. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends waiting until your child is at least fourteen before getting their teeth whitened, especially if you use an at-home kit. It’s better to wait until the age of seventeen if possible since the procedure can make their teeth more sensitive. There is also the risk of user error causing problems with at-home kits, since the hydrogen peroxide present in the bleaching product may cause injury if not applied carefully. Most of what dentists know about the tooth-whitening process comes from treating adults, so it’s better to take the safe approach when it comes to children and teens.

Ensure Healthy Teeth

In order to ensure healthy teeth, which is not what the bleaching process offers, it’s best for your child to take good care of their teeth. You and your child can start by brushing with whitening toothpaste. This will be gentler than a whitening procedure and helps keep stains away. Your child should also avoid foods and drinks that discolor teeth. Especially sugary ones, and take regular trips to the dentist. If you ultimately choose to get your teeth whitened, going through a professional can ensure a speedy recovery and poses much less risk.

The most important thing is for your child to take care of their teeth. Make sure they know their options, and when it comes to tooth-whitening, go with a healthy mouth. At Kinder Smiles, we can advise and treat your child on any dental or orthodontic issue. Contact us today.


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Is Tooth-Whitening Recommended [For Children & Teens]?

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