Why is a Dentist Not an Orthodontist? [4 Facts]

Dentists and orthodontists both care about the general health of a patient’s teeth. But, these two dental professionals offer different types of services. The professional you visit depends on what type of issue you’re having with your teeth. Consider the difference between these professionals working in the dental field. Also, learn about the services offered by a dentist who serves children. So read on to find out why is a Dentist Not an Orthodontist?




Why is a Dentist Not an Orthodontist?

A dentist provides services that can improve the overall health of your teeth. For example, if you need a checkup to see if you have any cavities you’d go to a dentist. A dentist can fill the cavities if any are found. Also, if you have sore teeth or gums you’d see a dentist for treatment. Other services of a dentist include teeth whitening, root canal work, putting in crowns, putting on veneers, repairing a cracked tooth and more.

An orthodontist specializes in helping you with the alignment of your teeth. For instance, if you want to straighten some crooked teeth, you would see this professional and have braces put on. You could go to this professional for the regular maintenance work done on your braces. Or, if you have an overbite, this is the dental care professional that could help correct it. The work of this professional is specialized whereas the work of a dentist is more general.


The Services of a Child’s Dentist

A pediatric dentist is concerned with children’s dental health. Oftentimes, this type of dentist sees young children as well as teenagers. A dentist with this specialty studies for years to prepare to treat the unique issues children have with their teeth. Children’s teeth are different from adult’s teeth in that they are still developing. Furthermore, young children are losing baby teeth that are being replaced with teeth they will have for the rest of their lives. These professionals provide regular checkups for cavities, fill cavities, clean teeth, examine gums and educate children on how to keep their teeth in healthy condition.

Dentists who serve children are responsible for helping young patients establish good brushing habits that they continue to practice all the way into adulthood. Plus, a child who has a positive experience with this type of dentist is likely to continue seeing the dentist on a regular basis for the rest of their life. A positive experience allows a child to feel at ease and calm throughout their time in the dental office. A child’s dentist is capable of setting a strong foundation for an individual’s dental health throughout their life.

The Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist

It’s important to visit the dentist about once a year. A yearly visit includes teeth cleaning and removal of plaque. Also, the dentist examines your teeth to see if you have any cavities, gum disease or tooth decay. If there is an issue, the dentist provides treatment for it or recommends you to a specialist. The dentist also offers guidance on daily tooth brushing and flossing. When you see the dentist once a year, it’s more likely that an issue will be caught before it becomes a bigger problem. The issue can be addressed before it affects the overall condition of your dental health.


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What Happens on Your First Dentist Appointment?

On your first dentist appointment, your dentist will ask you a lot of questions about your teeth. You have the opportunity to share details on any soreness or other issues you’re having so the dentist knows what to look for. It’s best to answer these questions honestly so your dentist can establish an accurate history of your dental health. This adds to the quality of your treatment. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask the dentist questions about your treatment or how to better care for your teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned by a dental hygienist and an x-ray taken to see if you have any cavities.

More Reasons – Dentist Not an Orthodontist…

A dental x-ray is not painful. It is simply a picture that gives the dentist an idea of whether there are any issues going on inside your teeth, above your teeth in the roots, in your gums and in other places that can’t be seen by examining your mouth. The dentist will examine your teeth for decay, plaque or any other irregularities. If you have cavities, you’ll set up another appointment to have them filled by the dentist. Near the end of the appointment, you will receive tips on the proper way to brush your teeth as well as floss. You may even get a free toothbrush from your dentist, so you can start off on the right foot!


Visit Our Offices

Dr. Engel, our pediatric dentist will provide your child with excellent care while making sure they have a positive experience in the dentist chair. We take the time to explain each step of the examination to you and your child. Plus, we are always happy to address any concerns you have or answer any questions that will make the process more comfortable. We care deeply about children’s dental health and are dedicated to educating young people so they can enjoy healthy teeth.

That’s why we provide lots of guidance and even a teeth brushing demonstration if you’d like to know more about how to properly care for your child’s teeth. Our dentists are available for emergencies and we make an effort to schedule regular appointments that are convenient for you and your child.

We have an orthodontist in our company, so if your young child does need help with teeth alignment in the future, we have professionals who come highly recommended! We are glad to answer any further questions you have about why is a dentist not an orthodontist?

So, if you’re looking for a quality, friendly pediatric dentist contact our office today.


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Why is a Dentist Not an Orthodontist? [4 Facts]

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